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Let's Build A Future Filled With Hope

Kermit Thomas


Illinois' 17th Congressional District

My Background

For over twenty-five years, I have taken pride in serving our country as an Army Logistics Officer for all branches of the military.  Now it is my time to serve the great and hardworking people of this country as U.S. House Representative.  I know the journey ahead will be faced with many challenges and obstacles, but as a single father of four who had to work tirelessly to support my children and their endeavors, I assure you that not only am I up for the tasks but I am built for it.  Since 2019, I have served as the pastor to Central Church of Christ, in which, I have been dedicated to serving my congregation and community. 


Duty to family, community, and country was instilled in me at a very young age as I watched my mother raise four children on her own and never complain.  She was able to help shape our futures by filling it with hope, opportunities, and security.  Because of my mother selfless sacrifices, I was able to succeed in life by making sure that I did my civic duties in the community and for my country.   Now, I would like to bring my experiences as a single father, veteran, community advocate, and man of faith, to the U.S. House of Representative and bring about solutions that benefits hardworking families and their communities.

More About Kermit


Duty to my country has been my motto’s that I have always lived by.  This is evidenced by my work with youth at the local Boys and Girls Club,  my involvement in veteran's rights discussions with President Biden, or my work to rehabilitate previously incarcerated individuals.   

The knowledge and experience that I have acquired over my career make me a qualified candidate to speak on issues that are impacting our communities and country as a whole.


I obtained my BBA in Marketing from Prairie View A&M University at the start of my career. I also went on to complete two Master’s Degrees in Business Administration, and Acquisition and Contract Management from Florida Tech University, while I served in the military. 

The issues which I intend to address in my time as a U.S. House of Representatives include the economy, immigration, education, infrastructure, Veteran’s rights, mental health, and voters’ rights. I believe that these issues are of the highest importance and therefore should be examined to ensure policies and reforms are brought forth for the betterment of the American people and our community.

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My platform


Health Care

Kermit wants to ensure all Americans have access to affordable health care. He would like to build on to the Affordable Care Act. It is his priority to reduce health care costs, and to make the health care system easier to navigate. Kermit also believes we should cover the full spectrum of healthcare including dental, vision, mental health, and reproductive freedom. We must ensure there is access to healthy food across all areas of district 17. 



As single parent of three kids currently attending college, Kermit understands the importance of education, as well as the costs of receiving of a high-quality education.  Kermit will support legislation that will make education affordable to all. He will support universal Pre-K as well as universal community college and trade schools. He will ensure schools have necessary tools and resources for our children to be successful.


Veteran's Rights

As a retired Army Officer, Kermit is committed to supporting veterans who have served our country. He will fight for healthcare and cost of living increases for veterans. He is committed to ensuring all veterans have access to housing, healthcare, and education. One of his top priorities is that Veterans have access to mental health services during and after serving this great nation.


The Economy

Kermit understands that the economy must work for us all. He fully supports entrepreneurship with a sincere focus on veterans, women, convicted felons, and minority owned businesses. He will work hard for funding and bringing jobs to our district. He believes a more robust job force will build the economy. He understands that farms and small businesses are the backbone of the economy in District 17.

My Positon
Kermit Thomas Giving Sermon

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