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Kermit Thomas Position On The Issues

Where I stand


I will dedicate myself to implementing the reforms needed for the betterment  of  Illinois District 17.


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Health care



My goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of age, income, or preexisting conditions have access to affordable healthcare.


COVID-19 has revealed the importance of access to high quality healthcare. A person's job status or bank account should not be determinant of her/his access to care. I believes that the healthcare system should be more effective and is easier to navigate.


A top priority of mine would be to lower prescription drug costs. Also, I want to improve elder care and for people to have better access to mental health services. I will advocate and put effective structures in place to educate and promote mental health in the community.





I deeply recognize the importance of a quality, affordable education. I wholeheartedly endorse investments in public schools, universal Pre-K, community colleges, and trade/technical schools.

By making education both affordable and accessible, I believe we can cultivate a robust workforce right within our community. Advocating for pay raises for our dedicated teachers, who shape our children's futures, is high on my agenda.

Every child deserves an environment where they feel safe, where discrimination, intimidation, and bullying are non-existent.






I am wholeheartedly dedicated to ensuring our veterans receive the resources they need to transition seamlessly from active duty to civilian life.

Every veteran, whether they've served for just a day or for over 20 years, should have unfettered access to quality healthcare, education, and mental health services. I firmly believe in the importance of job transitioning programs to guide our veterans into the civilian workforce.

I also recognize that some veterans may face challenges when reintegrating into civilian life. I aim to implement programs that foster a smooth and healthy transition, and I am confident employers will be empathetic and supportive in this process.


the economy



Regarding the economy, I see the widening gap of economic inequality, further exacerbated by the recent pandemic. While wages have stagnated, costs, from childcare to housing and education, keep rising.

We need an economy that benefits all. I am committed to defending Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Furthermore, I wholeheartedly support the PRO Act to fortify unions and bolster workers' rights, ensuring they can organize effectively and advocate for deserving wages.


voter's rights



The very foundation of our democracy is under siege, and our cherished right to vote is slipping away.

I recognize the profound significance of the John Lewis Voting Rights and Restoration Act and the For The People Act. I am determined to advocate for the rights of all eligible voters, ensuring unhindered access to the ballot.

I believe we must streamline and make our electoral processes more user-friendly. I'm committed to championing legislation that promotes automatic registration, online registration, universal mail-in voting, as well as drive-thru and round-the-clock voting options for all eligible voters.





It's crucial for us to prioritize rebuilding our roads, bridges, and rails and to expand access to clean drinking water. I'm committed to ensuring that everyone in District 17 can access high-speed internet.

I'm also deeply concerned about the climate crisis, and I'll tirelessly work towards advancing environmental justice.

We have to invest wholeheartedly in our communities and safeguard our rural regions. I'm dedicated to bolstering our supply chains by enhancing our ports, airports, rail systems, and roads. Not only will this drive job creation, especially in the union sector, but it will also fuel economic growth throughout Illinois.

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