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Kermit Thomas Position On The Issues

Where I stand


I will dedicate myself to implementing the reforms needed for the betterment  of  Illinois District 17.


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Health care



Kermit’s goal is to ensure everyone, regardless of age, income, or preexisting conditions have access to affordable healthcare.


COVID-19 has revealed the importance of access to high quality healthcare. A person's job status or bank account should not be determinant of her/his access to care. He believes that the healthcare system should be more effective and is easier to navigate.


A top priority would be to lower prescription drug costs. Also, he desires to improve elder care and to better access mental health services. He will advocate and put systems in place to educate the community on mental health.





Kermit understands the important of a quality affordable education. He fully supports investment into public schools, universal Pre-K, community college, and trade/technical schools.


By making education affordable and accessible, we will build a workforce within our community. It is a priority to obtain pay increases for teachers who directly impact our children’s education. 


All children should have access to a safe environment free from discrimination, intimidation and bullying.


veteran's rights



Kermit is committed to providing veterans with the resources that help transition our men and women in the military from active duty to civilian life.


Veterans, whether served one day or 20 plus years, should have access to quality healthcare, education, and mental health services. Kermit believes job transitioning programs are ideal to assist veteran into the civilian workforce.


Kermit would like to ensure employers take in account the veterans may have difficulties transitioning back to civilian. He would like to implement programs that will facilitate a healthy transition to civilian life.


the economy



On the economy, Kermit recognizes that economic inequality is growing. COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the disproportionate income equality. Wages have remained the same, and everything from childcare to housing and education continue to increase.


We need an economy that works for everyone. Kermit will fight to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.


Kermit will fully support the PRO Act to protect unions and strengthen workers’ rights to organize and fight for fair wages.


voter's rights



The foundation of our democracy is under attack and we are losing the freedom to vote.


Kermit understands the importance of the John Lewis Voting Rights and Restoration Act and the For The People Act. Kermit will fight to ensure all eligible voters have access to vote.


Kermit understands we must make our elections more efficient and accessible. He will support legislation to automatically register, register online, vote-by-mail for all eligible voters, drive thru and 24-hour voting.





It is important that we continue to rebuild our roads, bridges, and rails, expand access to clean drinking water, ensure all of us in District 17 has access to high-speed internet.


Kermit will address the climate crisis and assist in advancing environmental justice.


We must invest in communities and protect our rural areas. Kermit wants to support the supply chains by making improvements to ports, airports, rail, and roads. This will help create union jobs and help grow the economy throughout Illinois.

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